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Club History

It is unknown at this stage as to when the Kersbrook Football Club came into existence as records very early (if any) are hard to locate. We have come across a score from a game in 1913.

Kersbrook Football Club records indicate that there were teams in from 1921 in the Torrens Valley Football Association.

1921 – 1923 B Grade

1924 – 1925 In recess

1926 – 1931 B Grade

1932 – 1934 In recess

1935 – 1938 A Grade

Recess during World War II

1946 – 1947 A Grade

In 1948 Kersbrook combined with Chain of Ponds under the Kersbrook name and has remained to this day. Previous to this it is believed that when Kersbrook was in recess, players played for Chain of Ponds Football Club and vice versa.

1948 – 1950 A & B Grades

1951 – 1954 A Grade

1955 – 1963 A2 Grade

1964 – 1965 A Grade & Senior Colts

In 1966 Kersbrook withdrew from the Torrens Valley Association and affiliated with the East Torrens Association.

1966 – 1967 A2 & Senior

Colts 1968 A2 & A3 Grades

East Torrens Association combined with North Adelaide Association and became Norwood North Football Association in 1969.

  1. A2 & A3 Grades
  2. A3 & A4 Grades

In 1971 the Kersbrook Football Club applied for affiliation with the Hills Football League and was duly accepted. Since 1971 the Kersbrook Football Club has been quite stable and could claim to be one of the most successful clubs in the HFL with A1 & A2 Grades and in 1972 entered a Senior Colts Grade, with Junior Colts entering in 1974.

From inception to 1938 these were known to be Chocolate and Blue.

In 1946 they changed to Navy Blue with a lighter blue diagonal sash.

In 1997, still keeping to the double blue colours, the design changed to Royal Blue with two sky blue vertical stripes.

The current graphic design came into vogue in 2004, the double blue theme still remains.

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