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2014 Game Fixture

2014 Game Fixture

Round One

Its that time of year again! Pre season training has started and the broker boys are ready to reclaim the flag.  The first game of the year will be against the Mt. Lofty Devils at the Heathfield oval Stirling, on the 5th of April 2014.  Lets show the boys our support and be there for the first game of the year!

Round Two - 12/4/2014

Kersbrook Vs Gumeracha at Kersbrook Oval

Easter Long Weekend - 19/4/2014

Round Three - 26/4/2014

Kersbrook Vs Sedan Cambrai at Cambrai Oval

Round Four 3/5/2014

Kersbrook Vs Kangarilla at Kersbrook Oval

Round Five 10/5/2014

Kersbrook Vs Birdwood at Birdwood Oval

Round Six 17/5/2014


Round Seven 24/5/2014

Kersbrook Vs Meadows at Kersbrook Oval

Round Eight 31/5/2014

Kersbrook Vs Nairne Bremer at Thomas Food International Park - Nairne

Round Nine 14/6/2014 

Kersbrook Vs Macclesfield at Kersbrook Oval

Round Ten 21/6/2014 

Kersbrook Vs Mt. Lofty at Kersbrook Oval

Round Eleven 28/6/2014

Kersbrook Vs Gumeracha at Gumeracha Oval

Round Twelve 5/7/2014

Kersbrook Vs. Sedan Cambrai at Kersbrook Oval

Round Thirteen 12/7/2014

Kersbrook Vs. Kangarilla at Kangarilla Oval

Round Fourteen 19/7/2014

Kersbrook Vs Birdwood at Kersbrook Oval

Round Fifteen 26/7/2014


Round Sixteen 2/8/2014

Kersbrook Vs Meadows at Meadows Oval

Round Seventeen 9/8/2014

Kersbrook Vs Nairne Bremer at Kersbrook Oval

Round Eighteen 16/8/2014

Kersbrook Vs Macclesfield at Macclesfield Oval

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